Personal Injury

There are some preliminary steps which you must take immediately after an injury accident. If you delay in retaining an attorney, you risk losing leads and evidence and weakening your claim. Your attorney must invest a tremendous amount of time and money to fully develop an injury claim so that you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Types of damages injury victims are entitled to be compensated for:

A. Economic Damages Include:

    1. Loss of earnings.

    2. Future loss of earnings.

    3. Impairment of the injured person’s ability to earn money in the future.

    4. Reasonable and necessary medical and hospital expenses.

B. Non-Economic Damages Include:

1. Present and future physical pain and suffering.

2. Present and future mental pain and suffering.

3. Inconvenience.

4. Emotional stress.

5. Impairment of the quality of life.

C. Additional Actual Damages Include:

1. Compensation for physical disfigurement.

2. Compensation for physical impairment present and future.

D. The Husband or Wife of the Injured Client is Entitled to Compensation for Loss of Consortium Which Includes:

1. Economic damages for loss of household services the injured spouse would have performed.

2. Any resulting expenses which the injured spouse has had or will incur in the future.

3. Non-economic damages in the form of:

(a) Loss of affection, society and companionship.

(b) Loss of the aid and comfort of the injured spouse.

E. Property Damage:

You are entitled to recover the difference between the market value of any damaged property immediately before the accident versus its market value immediately after the accident, which would include your car and its contents and any personal items you are wearing. 

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