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DUI DefenceCall me at 720-270-2500 today to discuss the details of your case.  Do not think that you can successfully represent yourself in court in any criminal matter.  A tremendous amount of work is required to successfully defend a client.

I have defended hundreds of D.U.I. cases, and I have taken the time to ride with D.U.I. Patrol Units to see how they work. You cannot “hide” intoxicated driving from a police officer. Do not drink and drive. As the evening wears on, fewer cars are on the road and each car receives more scrutiny by the police. It is much less expensive to call a cab, call a friend for a ride, or to take a cab to a motel than it is to defend a D.U.I. case. Convictions in D.U.I. cases can have long-term effects to your employability, to being able to drive again legally, jail time, and costly long-term treatment and supervision by the Probation Department. D.U.I.’s are serious cases and never think that you can handle one alone.

D.U.I. and D.W.A.I. convictions remain on your record for a lifetime and can have long-term, adverse, economic impact on your ability to keep your job or to obtain new employment.  D.U.I. and D.W.A.I. convictions may prevent you from obtaining many different types of jobs and careers.  Additionally, a D.U.I. or a D.W.A.I. conviction, in addition to the Express Consent Hearing at the Motor Vehicle Department can cause the loss of your driving privileges for years.

D.U.I. cases are complex and require careful legal analysis throughout each step of the case beginning with:

1.   Whether or not the officer had a right to contact the driver;

2.   Whether or not the driver voluntarily performed roadside tests;

3.   Whether or not there was probable cause to justify the warrentless arrest;

4.   Was there a lack of a proper advisement;

5.   A scientific analysis of any blood test results;

6.   Review of the maintenance and repair records of the intoxilyzer;

7.   Determining whether or not the evidence the driver provided the police can be excluded from the case;

8.   Guiding the client to receive the proper alcohol treatment before any sentencing hearing;

9.   Conducting effective and valuable plea bargaining; and

10. Carefully preparing for the sentencing hearing.

You need a Denver D.U.I. attorney to help you.  You have two separate cases to defend:  one is the criminal case and the other is the Express Consent Hearing at the Motor Vehicle Department.  You will need a Colorado D.U.I. lawyer to help you.  Some of the steps involved in correctly preparing the defense of a case typically include:

1.      Carefully interviewing the client;

2.      Hiring a good investigator;

3.      Preparing the investigator to interview witnesses;

4.      Performing legal research;

5.      Examining the crime scene;

6.      Obtaining, examining and testing evidence;

7.      Videotaping the scene of the crime;

8.      Interviewing and hiring the correct expert witnesses to help with the case;

9.      Preparing witnesses for questions and answers in court;

10.    Conducting a bail bond reductions hearing;

11.    Performing legal research and drafting motions, legal writings asking the Judge to give you help with your case;

12. Preparing for a hearing on the motion which includes reviewing case law to prepare legal arguments, carefully and thoughtfully writing out questions for each witness, preparing your witnesses to testify, and anticipating the prosecutor’s case;

13.    Preparing witnesses to testify;

14.    Preparing witnesses for cross-examination;

15.    Conducting the motion’s hearing;

16.    Being familiar with and carefully reviewing the Colorado Rules of Evidence;

17.    Being familiar with the Rules of Criminal Procedure;

18.    Being familiar with Colorado law surrounding the selection of jurors;

19.    Preparing questions for jury selection;

20.    Preparing an opening statement;

21.    Preparing questions for all witnesses who may testify in a hearing or during a trial;

22.    Anticipating and preparing for legal arguments which will arise during any hearing or trial;

23.    Reviewing the law surrounding the preparation of jury instructions;

24.    Presenting expert witnesses in court;

25.    The coordination of the attendance of witnesses who will appear and testify in your defense;

26.    Preparing closing arguments;

27.    Preparing post-trial motions;

28.    Preparing for sentencing and sentencing issues;

29.    Preparing and filing an appeal;

30.    Obtaining a color copy of the driver’s book-in photo;

31.    Obtaining a copy of the police video of the suspect’s driving and performance of physical roadside maneuvers; and

32.    Obtaining a copy of the police video of the driver while he/she is at the police department.

You may need to take all of these steps to properly prepare and conduct the defense of any D.U.I. case. If you would like your D.U.I. defense carefully conducted by an experienced, competent, and reliable Denver, Colorado D.U.I. attorney, contact me immediately at 720-270-2500.

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