Points System Facts

Did you know that you will lose your license for five years in Colorado if you accumulate 10 4-point convictions in any five-year period?  Your license will be suspended for five years in Colorado if you accumulate 18 or more convictions of separate and distinct offenses committed within a period of five years involving moving violations which provide for an assessment of three or less points each in the operation of a motor vehicle.

If you are stopped by a police officer for a moving violation and you cannot find your proof of insurance, or if your proof of insurance card is expired, or if you are uninsured, the police officer will take your driver’s license and hand you a yellow sheet which is an Affidavit and Notice of Suspension. Be sure to read the Notice of Suspension. You have only seven days from the day it is issued to go to the Motor Vehicle Department to provide proof that you were insured on the date of your stop, or to file proof that you now have insurance, or to file an SR-22 Form. If you fail to take one of those steps, then on the eighth day after the notice is issued your driving privileges will be suspended indefinitely until you take the steps needed to reinstate your driving privileges.

I have defended hundreds of D.U.I. cases, and I have taken the time to ride with D.U.I. Patrol Units to see how they work. You cannot “hide” intoxicated driving from a police officer. Do not drink and drive. As the evening wears on, fewer cars are on the road and each car receives more scrutiny by the police. It is much less expensive to call a cab, call a friend for a ride, or to take a cab to a motel than it is to defend a D.U.I. case. Convictions in D.U.I. cases can have long-term effects to your employability, to being able to drive again legally, jail time, and costly long-term treatment and supervision by the Probation Department. D.U.I.’s are serious cases and never think that you can handle one alone.

You can lose your license for five years if you accumulate three of the following types of convictions during any seven year period:

1. Driving under the influence;

2. Driving while ability Impaired;

3. Driving under suspension;

4. Driving under revocation;

5. Leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries;

6. Reckless driving;

7. Driving under denial;

8. Vehicular assault;

9. Vehicular manslaughter;

10. Vehicular homocide;

11. Criminally negligent homocide; and

12. Aggravated motor vehicle theft.

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