Things Attorney Must Do After an Accident

1. Obtain and review all information provided by the injured driver.

2. Have investigators interview witnesses and the investigating officer.

3. Have an investigator attempt to interview the at-fault driver.

4. Have the client’s injuries photographed by a professional photographer when necessary.

5. Meet with you at the accident scene with the accident report in hand. to photograph the accident scene and take measurements.

6. Have your automobile taken to an auto body repair shop that is authorized by the major automobile insurance companies for repairs for a thorough examination of potential hidden damage and to check the frame alignment.

7. Obtain and review all of your automobile insurance policies and any umbrella policy.

8. Obtain and review any health insurance policy you had in effect on the date of the accident.

9. Follow what the at-fault driver does with his traffic ticket and obtain transcripts of the at-fault driver’s statements made in court.

10. After lengthy and thorough consultation with the injured driver and after reviewing all applicable policies, be sure that the injured person receives needed medical care from the best doctors and specialists available.

11. Review all applicable insurance policies to see what medical insurance may be available to the injured person. If no medical insurance is available, then the attorney must locate good doctors who will provide medical care in exchange for a lien on the settlement or judgment. A lien is a written agreement wherein the injured person promises to repay the treating physician from the settlement or judgment obtained in his case.

12. Review all applicable insurance policies to determine if any lost wage benefit exists to provide the client with immediate compensation for lost wages.

13. Obtain and carefully review all of your medical records and bills.

14. Study thoroughly and understand the medical issues.

15. Meet and consult with the client’s treating physicians in order to fully understand the nature and extent of the injuries.

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