Things You Must do After an Accident

If you are injured in an automobile accident and the accident was caused by another driver, be sure to:

1.  Obtain the name, address and phone number of any witness immediately, otherwise witnesses disappear.

2.  Call the police.

3.  Use your cell phone to photograph the damage to and the position of each vehicle before they are moved.

4.  Use your cell phone to photograph the skid marks of each vehicle.

5.  Ask the at-fault driver what happened; try to get an explanation as to his actions and write down what you are told.

6.  Be sure to obtain an accident information exchange card from the investigating officer.

7.  Be sure to get the business card of the investigating officer.

8.  Provide the other driver and the investigating officer your auto insurance information.

9.  Do not explain how the accident happened to the investigating officer unless you are absolutely certain that the other driver is 100% at fault.

10. Notify your automobile insurance company of the accident on the day that it occurs.

11. Be sure to gather and store in one place all of the information you obtain at the accident scene so that it is not misplaced or lost.

12. Do not speak with any representative of the insurance company of the at-fault driver.

13. Speak to your attorney before you give a taped statement to your insurance company.

14. Do not sign any forms or documents.

15. Do not have your automobile repaired until it is examined by your attorney and/or an engineer.

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