Your Driver’s License & The Point System in Colorado

Become familiar with the Point System in the State of Colorado. When you are issued your driver’s license you have a clean record, and your goal is to keep it clean. You accumulate points against your driving privileges only when you receive traffic tickets. You should defend each ticket. If you fail to do so, an accumulation of points can lead to the loss of your license and/or much higher insurance premiums. It is much less expensive to pay an attorney to take care of your tickets than it is to pay your insurance company higher premiums for years.

The point system in Colorado is based on the age of the driver and type of license. If you are in one of the following categories and accumulate points as shown, the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your driving privileges for as long as one year.

16-18 Years of Age

More than 5 points in 12 months

More than 6 points prior to reaching the age of 18

18-21 Years of Age

9 points in 12 months

12 points in 24 months

14 points prior to reaching the age of 21

21 Years of Age or Older

12 points in 12 months

18 points in 24 months

Please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles, 1881 Pierce Street, Lakewood, Colorado, 303-205-5613, to obtain a copy of your driving record, or log on to If you fail to appear in court or fail to pay a court fine for a traffic citation, your driver’s license will be canceled and your driving privileges will be denied. If you are stopped while driving after failing to appear in court or after failing to pay court costs or fines on a traffic matter, you may be arrested, and you will be charged with driving under denial or driving when license cancelled, driving under suspension, or driving under revocation. Reinstatement fees will be assessed by the Department of Motor Vehicles; also additional court fees will be added.  If you need a Denver, Colorado criminal attorney or Denver, Colorado D.U.I. attorney to help you, call me at 720-270-2500.